Membership Category and Fees

Annual subscription from each member is as follows:


  • Rs. 5 lakhs if global fund is greater than $5 billion or Indian portfolio value is above $500 million
  • Rs. 3 lakhs if global fund is between $1 billion & $5 billion, or Indian fund is between $100 & $500 million.
  • Rs. 1 lakh if global fund is less than $1 billion or Indian fund is less than $100 million.

Service Providers

Rs. 5 lakhs


It should be kindly noted that the Rs 1 Lac bracket is meant for new, small, independent and start-up, or first time fund managers. In the case of funds where the sponsors are sovereign wealth funds, or national governments or large financial institutions or high net worth individuals whose wealth exceeds US 500 million, they will not be eligible for the Rs 1 Lac fee category,A fee of Rs 5 lac would be applicable to such funds,regardless of AUM.

All payments in Rupees are to be made in cheque, payable to "IVC Association ". All payments must be in Indian Rupees.
Membership Fee is excluding of applicable service tax.
Any queries can be addressed to: