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An industry-led Knowledge Sharing and Learning Program Designed for New and Emerging Fund Managers

Starting a first-time fund can be equated to opening an asset management start-up. Not to forget, first-time fund managers essentially have two jobs - being an investor and a business owner, which means building relationships with LPs and entrepreneurs, managing employees, etc. Hence, room for making mistakes in the beginning stages can be plenty.

The private financing markets in India have emerged to be a strong wall of support to the homegrown start-up ecosystem. In the current times, as more Limited Partners and Family Offices look to invest in alternatives viz-a-viz public equity, the sector is on road to witness an explosion in venture-backed companies. In continuation of this trend and with AIFs growing at an annual rate of 20% over the past decade in India, the meteoric rise of Micro VCs (active fund size of less than USD 30Mn) and first-time fund managers have been inevitable.


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Program Details

The industry-led knowledge sharing and learning programme in June spans three fortnights and covers three modules that focus on fund strategy, raising, firm building, setup and deployment, portfolio management, governance, exits & returns and more. We have on-ground sessions in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru.

Who Should Joinvc-navyblue.png
  • First-Time Fund Managers (FTFMs) who are looking to gain practical insights into fund strategy, raising, firm building, setup and deployment, portfolio management, governance, exits & returns, and more.
  • Micro VCs who want to take their fund management skills to the next level and learn from industry experts.
  • Active Corporate Venture Capitalists (CVCs) who want to deepen their understanding of the venture capital landscape and network with influential LPs, leading GPs, family offices, and government officials.
  • Active Family Offices who want to learn about best practices for managing their venture capital investments and building a successful portfolio.

Program Outline

Module 1

Fund Strategy, Raising & Firm Building

Module 2

Fund Setup & Deployment

Module 3

Portfolio Management, Governance, Exits & Returns

Fund Strategy, Raising & Firm Building

Module 1:

Session 1

VC Macro & Strategy

Session 2

Fund Structuring

Session 3

Commercial view for GP (fund set-up, P&L, incentives)

Session 4

Investment Process (Diligence, IC, etc.)

Why to Join


Maximize Your Success with the Exclusive Benefits of VC101

  • Immerse yourself in a world of knowledge and expertise with leading mentors in India across foreign and domestic funds.
  • Network with a carefully curated group of influential LPs, leading GPs, family offices, and government officials.
  • Get certified by IVCA upon completion of individual modules and/or the overall curriculum.
  • Join the exclusive VC101 Club and be a part of a community of like-minded fund managers.


1st June 2023

Location: The Quorum Mumbai

#VC101 2023 Testimonials and Event Highlights - Experience the Impact!

Narendra Bhandari, SEA Fund

Narendra Bhandari, SEA Fund

Rajan Anandan, Sequoia Capital India

Gaurav Ahuja, ChrysCapital


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Mastering the Fundraising Journey: Insights for First-Time Fund Managers in India

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